Zenith - A command-line interface for a Zcash Full Node.
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                             Zcash Full Node CLI

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Zenith is a command-line interface for the Zcash Full Node (zcashd). It has the following features:

  • Listing transparent and shielded addresses and balances known to the node, including viewing-only.
  • Listing transactions for specific addresses, decoding memos for easy reading.
  • Copying addresses to the clipboard.
  • Creating new Unified Addresses.
  • Sending transactions with shielded memo support.

Note: Zenith depends on a patched version of the haskoin-core Haskell package included in this repo. A pull request to the maintainers of haskoin-core has been submitted, if/when it is merged, Zenith will be updated to use the standard package.


git clone https://git.vergara.tech/Vergara_Tech/zenith.git
cd zenith
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • Install using stack:
stack install


  • Copy the sample zenith.cfg file to a location of your choice and update the values of the user and password for the zcashd node. These values can be found in the zcash.conf file for the Zcash node.


From the location where the configured zenith.cfg file is placed, use zenith to start.

Zenith will attempt to connect to the node and check compatibility. Connections to zcashd versions less than 5.0.0 will fail.

Available commands

  • ?: Lists available commands.
  • list: Lists all transparent and shielded addresses and their balance.
    • Notes about balances:
      • Addresses from an imported viewing key will list a balance but it may be inaccurate, as viewing keys cannot see ZEC spent out of that address.
      • Balances for Unified Addresses belonging to the same account are shared. Zenith will list the full account balances for each of the UAs in the account.
  • txs <id>: Lists all transactions belonging to the address corresponding to the id given, in chronological order.
  • copy: Copies the selected address to the clipboard.
  • new: Prompts the user for the option to include a transparent receiver, a Sapling receiver or both. An Orchard receiver is always included.
  • send: Prompts the user to prepare an outgoing transaction, selecting the source address, validating the destination address, the amount and the memo.
    • If the source is a transparent address, the privacy policy is set to AllowRevealedSenders, favoring the shielding of funds when sent to a UA.
    • If the source is a shielded address, the privacy policy is set to AllowRevealedAmounts, favoring the move of funds from legacy shielded pools to Orchard.
  • uri: Prompts the user to select the source account and to enter a ZIP-321 compliant URI to generate and send a transaction.
  • exit: Ends the session.


If you would like to support the development of Zenith, please visit our Free2Z page.